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Saint Anthony Novena Day Two: Rooted in Scripture

Anthony had an extraordinary knowledge of Scripture, thanks to the natural gifts that were expanded by his excellent education as an Augustinian canon. He had committed so many biblical passages to memory that some of his contemporaries said that if the Scriptures were lost, he could recreate them from memory! That’s certainly an exaggeration, but he had a phenomenal memory that led not to overbearing pride but to ever-deeper humility. God’s self-revelation in the Bible was not given for anyone’s personal advantage.

Anthony moved from knowledge about the Scriptures to the divine wisdom they are intended to share. Francis of Assisi would later caution the friars about becoming puffed up because of their ability to quote many passages from the Bible. That temptation was one that Anthony quickly and consistently rejected, partly because Anthony was well acquainted with Scripture commentaries by Saints Augustine, Jerome, and other Church fathers.

In Anthony’s day, the Catholic Church’s fiercest critics loved to contrast biblical passages with current events clearly reflecting non-biblical values. For example, Jesus said that the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head (Mt 8:20), but a local bishop or abbot might then be involved in a nasty fight over land and a contested inheritance.

Do we follow Anthony’s example in allowing the word of Christ to dwell in us richly (Col 3:16)?

Do you love Saint Anthony of Padua?

In Anthony’s Own Words

“You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart. Notice that Christ says: Your whole heart. He doesn’t say: Leave a corner of your heart for yourself. He bought the whole of you by giving his whole self for you, that he alone might possess every part of you. Do not try to hold back any part of yourself. If you really wish to have the whole, then give it all to him, and he will give you all of himself.”

Did You Know?

As the historians interpret it, Anthony preferred to present the grandeur of Christianity in positive ways. It was no good to prove people wrong. Anthony wanted to win them to the right, the healthiness of real sorrow and conversion, the wonder of reconciliation with a loving Father.

The word fire recurs in descriptions of him. And though he was called the “Hammer of Heretics,” the word warmth describes him more fully.

—Jack Wintz, OFM, Saint Anthony of Padua: His Life, Legends, and Devotions


Loving God,
You wanted to reveal yourself to the
human family by means of your
inspired word, the Scriptures.
Give us hearts able to resist the
temptation, as Anthony did,
to reinforce what we like there
and minimize what we find extremely
challenging, whatever will require
a deeper conversion on our part.

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8 thoughts on “Saint Anthony Novena Day Two: Rooted in Scripture”

    1. I pray daily to St, Francis, St. Clare, and St. Anthony in my morning prayer, before the Divine Office.
      Pax et Bonus.
      Br. Karl.

  1. St. Anthony has been quietly aiding my family with his intercession. St Anthony keep us free from dreaded diseases, pray that we get timely medical interventions we need. Dear Saint, free us from undue anxiety over health as we grow older; let us not live our old age days by worrying over health issues. Dear saint use us for the service of God and our neighbour.

  2. Dear St. Anthony, help me to take my eyes off my fears and uncertainties. Let me find and follow the path to the TRUE and lasting peace that comes in obeying God’s will. Open my heart. Grant me spiritual sight. Dont let me lose the way. Help me find it. Thank you for your loving intercession.

  3. Bernadette Mumba

    This really touched my whole being, am reminded not to focus on my health or other similar challenges in life but to offer everything to you My Lord who created and knows everything about me. I give Praise to The Almighty. Thank you St. Anthony for this reminder.

  4. Nancy Martino

    Dear Saint Anthony
    Two of my relatives are searching for work. Please help them find what they need. Thank you for your intercession. In Jesus name I pray.

  5. Thank you St Anthony for giving me my lost job back. And staying by me always.What a miracle. I now seek your intercession to my Lord so that the Doctors who are neglecting to treat my heart failure for reasons known to them to open their hearts and seek me among others and attend to me also. Knowing you St Anthony, It will happen and I will be back to testify. I have had so many miracles through you I believe in you and the association you had with the Child Jesus while on earth.

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