April 19, 2022

Report: Kids’ time spent on screen soars during the pandemic

Use of screen media is up 17% for teens (ages 13-18) and tweens (ages 8-12) from the start of the pandemic, according to Common Sense Media. And that doesn’t take into account time spent attending school virtually and doing homework.

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We Are All Gifted

There are so many ways in which we are gifted. Some people can make us laugh. Others listen well. Still others can cook or garden. Jesus clearly tells us that we are not only gifted but we are also called to live that gift—not hide it under a bushel basket.

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Después del Suicidio: 7 Cosas Que los Católicos Deben Saber

Muchas personas viven con el dolor de perder a un ser querido por suicidio. Rara vez paso una semana sin recibir una carta, un correo electrónico o una llamada telefónica de alguien que acaba de perder a un familiar por suicidio.

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Resurrection in Our Daily Lives

“Tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me” (Matthew 28:10). But why Galilee in particular?

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