March 1, 2022

Dear Reader: All Are Welcome

Few stories in our country’s recent history rattle me quite like the murder of Emmett Till. A 14-year-old Black Chicagoan visiting relatives in Mississippi in 1955, Till was ripped from his bed in the middle of the night, tortured, and killed for allegedly whistling at a White woman. Some historians cite his murder as the spark that ignited the civil rights movement. His mother, the late Mamie Till-Mobley, agreed, once calling Emmett “the sacrificial lamb of the movement. “

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Stained Glass window of Saint David of Wales

Saint David of Wales

Saint David of Wales was by legend the nephew of King Arthur. He was educated under the tutelage of Saint Paulinus, whose sight he allegedly restored.

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Pleas for peace: Even if unheeded, Pope Francis continues tradition

Pope Francis knows his appeals for an end to the war in Ukraine carry little weight with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but he also knows he has an obligation to continue speaking out and rallying others to join him in praying for peace.

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Holy Humdrum

Instead of fighting the mundane and boring today, flip it and see if you can find something sacred in the act, a deeper connection lurking underneath.

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Practice Letting Go

Letting go of our external attachments through simple living does help us to show up with our best selves

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