December 21, 2021

Stained Glass Window of Saint Peter Canisius

Saint Peter Canisius

An important Catholic reformer in Germany, Saint Peter Canisius earned a master’s degree at age 19, and then joined the Jesuits. He was a great writer and patron of the sick and imprisoned.

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Pope: Be ‘merry’ this Christmas, but don’t forget Jesus

Pope Francis asked people to celebrate a “real Christmas” by recognizing Jesus in their lives and cultivating peace in their hearts.

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Day Twenty Four: A Catholic Family Advent

December brings the shortest days of the year to our country. The lack of natural light can make us feel dreary, tired, and less than joyful. We need light—our bodies crave it.

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Just As I Am

It’s harder to show compassion if we disconnect from our own wisdom and experience—perhaps rejecting some part of ourselves we think is shameful. The key to loving another is the ability to love all of ourselves—being flawed but fully human, whole.

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The Gifts of Advent Day 24: Nothing Is Impossible with God

God doesn’t tell us not to question, but rather not to be afraid. And whether we come to our response slowly or quickly, we do come to it in the end. And with God’s grace, that answer will be yes.

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