July 9, 2020

Film Reviews with Sister Rose

Sixteen-year-old Enola ( “alone ” spelled backwards), played by Millie Bobby Brown, lives with her mother, Eudoria Holmes (Helena Bonham Carter), on the family’s estate in England. Eudoria teaches her daughter every school subject, however unconventional, and how to fend for herself.

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Stained Glass window of Saint Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions

Saint Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions

Among the Chinese martyrs was the diocesan priest, Father Augustine Zhao Rong. Facing the strong anti-foreign and anti-Catholic feelings present in China for centuries, these martyrs were caught up in a situation that in many ways had nothing to do either with religion or with the Church. But they stayed loyal to Christianity and to their people, and gave their lives in witness.

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Kids and Their Changing Faith

In the over 20 years that I’ve been writing for this magazine, I’ve seen tons of letters from parents worrying about their children’s faith lives.

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Radical Saints: Maria Faustina Kowalska

Born August 25, 1905, in Poland | Died October 5, 1938, in Poland
Canonized April 30, 2000 | Feast Day: October 5

Faustina’s Radical Gift

It’s human nature to desire to be well liked and understood. Many of those around Faustina, including some of the women in her own community, saw her single-minded drive to bring the Lord’s Divine Mercy message to the world as egotistical and delusional. Faustina didn’t care what anyone other than Jesus thought of her, and she radically embraced being his messenger.

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Radical Saints: Josephine Bakhita

Born about 1869 in Sudan | Died February 8, 1947, in Italy
Canonized October 1, 2000 | Feast Day: February 8

Josephine’s Radical Gift

Slave traders took away her name and her family. She was kidnapped, beaten, and scarred. And yet, when asked what she would say to her persecutors if she met them again, Josephine said she would thank them, because without them she would not have discovered her faith and her vocation.


Josephine’s World

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