Pause + Pray

Wild and Invasive

Wild flowers in a field.


Consider the ways that plants grow on farms, in gardens, next to sidewalks, or deep in the woods. From giant trees to tiny houseplants, each plant is a neighbor that reveals the goodness of God.


God of all creation,
I am grateful to share space with beautiful plants.
Awaken me to wonder for the wildness of growing plants.
May I appreciate their beauty and goodness.
Help me to see what is invasive and to be aware
of what needs pruning and protection.
Show me how to be a good neighbor to the plants,
who help provide clean air for creatures like me.


Find a plant nearby, and tend to its needs: Offer it light, water, or pruning. Learn its name and where it is native to. As you do, consider that you are caring for another of God’s creatures, a neighbor in need.

Julia Walsh, FSPA

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