St. Francis of Assisi

Statue of St. Francis | Image by Robert Cheaib from Pixabay

Meet the Mystics: St. Francis of Assisi

There is a mysticism Francis offers to all believers, a mysticism that he illustrates through the gestures of his own life.

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Statue of St. Francis on the campus of San Diego University

The Franciscan School of Theology: Presence at a Distance

A Franciscan education offers a unique, Christ-centered viewpoint into Catholicism. Franciscan spirituality is faithful to the gospel and the Church, rooted in prayer, contemplation, and most importantly, service.

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woman holding canvas bag

Earth’s Limited Resources

Reflect St. Francis of Assisi was Pope Francis “guide and inspiration” for his letter Laudato Si about the environment. Because St. Francis saw the world with more than “intellectual appreciation or economic calculus,” he would sometimes sing in wonder at …

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San Damiano cross

The Challenge of the San Damiano Cross

At San Damiano, the Crucified Christ challenged Saint Francis to “go rebuild My house.” That task meant Francis had to transform himself first.

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Thank God for Dirt

After spending all day gardening with my kids, I realized something: Dirt is delightful.

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Statue of St. Francis of Assisi

The Franciscan Connection to the Stations of the Cross 

Praying the Way of the Cross is a familiar Lenten practice for many, but a closer look at this popular tradition reveals surprising connections to Franciscan spirituality. 

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