St. Clare of Assisi

mom comforting child

Choose to Love

If we choose to love, we immediately take on the responsibility of being for others, in service and in times of opposition, in trials and persecution, also in peace and joy.
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Sara Marks from the Franciscan Federation

Sara Marks

Sara’s role as executive director of the Franciscan Federation has her connecting Franciscans and Franciscan organizations of all stripes across the country and beyond.
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man rejoycing on the road

Rejoice in Humanity

Saints rejoice in their common humanity, knowing that God’s word becomes flesh in fallible and ambivalent persons like ourselves.
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man standing on earth looking into heaven

Heaven and Earth

The first Franciscans believed that God was in the world, actively shaping human experience, and inspiring birds’ songs and wolves’ howls.
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Fresco of Saint Clare of Assisi

St. Clare: Bright Light

What does Clare teach us about following Jesus? She teaches us to follow Francis, who followed Jesus so perfectly.
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Wooden Cross designed by Franciscan Media

Francis and Clare: Where the Tradition Begins

The genius of their spirituality was their recognition that the Gospels could and should be lived by every person.
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