St. Clare of Assisi

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A Vision of Shalom

Those who follow the spirit of the Lord’s Prayer become mystical activists seeking to incarnate God’s realm “on earth as it is in heaven.”
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Learning from the Lord’s Prayer

Francis placed the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father, at the center of community life.
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Wait in Silence

I have found that if someone is going to work hard at being immersed in God, the effort should not be just in the praying itself but in becoming yourself a place of prayer.
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‘God Breaks through to Me’

What happens is that you realize that you cannot connect to God by sheer force of will or by a multitude of prayers.
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Remember to Remember God

I have tried to learn from St. Francis. In my home, pinned to the curtain of my front door, is a reminder—"Remember to remember God."
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Surrender All for Christ

Both Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi recognized the importance of what happened at the cross as a model for Christian life.
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