man kneeling in prayer

Praying with Our Bodies

Although our culture separates body and spirit, the very incarnation of Jesus speaks to a higher reality.
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two brothers

Siblings, Siblings

It’s kind of tricky. If we have a falling out with a sibling, it’s tempting to gloat or rejoice over any subsequent debacles their life.
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woman in church

Give to God What Is God’s

I find myself distracted during my prayer time by my long to-do list or preoccupied at Mass by the sounds around me and the noise in my head. Then Jesus says to my heart, “Repay . . . to God ...
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Woman praying in church | Photo by Gianna Bonello on Unsplash

Three Minutes with God: The Power of Prayer

We often are deaf to God’s presence, loving inspirations, guidance, tenderness, and mercy because of the noise around us and inside us.
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Woman praying | Photo by Arina Krasnikova:

Pause and Pray

Family, career ambition, the search for joy or wellness or meaning—all noble pursuits. But unless they are built on a foundation of prayer, how strong is that foundation?
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man meditating

Meditation Made Easy

If prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening to God. Here are three simple steps for a richer, more meditative life.
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