Holy Thursday

table with different kinds of food

At This Table

Christ taught us how to break bread. Christ taught us how to build tables that welcome all to participate in that breaking of bread.
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pair of brown boots

Washing of Feet

Reflect At the Last Supper, Jesus washed his apostles’ feet—even those of Judas, his betrayer. Pray Dear Jesus,I want to love and forgive as you do, but I often fail.People annoy me, and I lose patience.Or I am oblivious to ...
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Candles in church

An Easter Pageant in Three Liturgical Acts

Death and sin have been conquered; life and grace reign supreme. We just have to have a major gala of happiness and rejoicing.
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Lights form a cross on a Lenten table

Darkness & Light: A Good Friday Reflection

Christ died on the cross so we may have help carrying our own.
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