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Christ taught us how to break bread. Christ taught us how to build tables that welcome all to participate in that breaking of bread. From the upper room to the road to Emmaus, to Sunday liturgies, to welcoming a stranger into our homes—Christ has taught us how to break bread. It is in breaking bread together that we encounter the liberating force of the Resurrection.


To the hands that rolled and baked and carved this bread,
the hands toiled and worked on the table,
the hands that welcome each of us to a seat at the table,
the hands that broke the bread and said, “Eat, this is my body, broken for you,”
we ask for the guidance of our own hearts.
To those hands, we ask that our hearts of stone be broken and made anew.
To those hands, we ask to open our fists to welcome the other.
To the hands that toiled, broke bread, and brought up the lowly,
may they move us on toward liberation.


With friends and family, find time this week to sit together and read the Scripture passage of Jesus and the disciples at the Last Supper. Call for the Holy Spirit to illuminate your own hearts and hands, to guide you as a community to welcome newcomers and “the other” to break bread with you on Easter Sunday.

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