God's Grace

man with folded hands and bowed head praying

Open Your Heart to Grace

Jesus is with us now and assures us he will not leave us orphans.
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a child with great imagination holding his hand in front of his eye

God’s Grand Imagination

I have learned that the plan of God is much more exciting than anything I ever could have fashioned for myself.
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shoes in a drawn circle with the words comfort zone

Rely on God Alone

God challenges us all the time. Often we feel inadequate and ill-prepared.
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Person in anguish

Acting on the Beatitudes 

This friar points to three ways we can better understand and live the joy of the beatitudes in our everyday lives.
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father watching child play

Only a Breath Away

We are not on a lonely journey, all alone on a long road. Our loving Father never takes his eyes off us.
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Woman on a swing | Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

God’s Plan Is Joy

Joy sees the world as God intended; it is a reaction to all God is doing in our lives now and in the future.
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