two men hugging, encouraging each other.

St. Titus: An Encouraging Friend

St. Titus' friendship was important to St. Paul when he was going through troubled times. How can we be that same type of encouraging friend?
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two woman laughing together

A Soulful Friendship

During the last year of her life, in response to a request for prayers, St. Thérèse ended up writing a number of encouraging letters to Maurice Bellière, an aspiring seminarian.
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People sitting around the dinner table

Come to the Table

Sometimes it feels like we don’t have a place at the table. Yet the promise of our faith is that Jesus welcomes us all to the table as we rejoice in his love for us.
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Turquoise door open to the outdoors

Sacred Hospitality

Reflect Offering hospitality is sacred. To open the door and greet others with warmth, to provide food and drink, to listen and share time: Each act is a way that we connect with the divine. As Scripture says, when we ...
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