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The Structures of Sin 

Sin begins in the heart but often finds expression in what we do, permeating society, government, and even the Church. The social teachings of the Church show us how to push back against systemic sin. 
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Painting of Bartolomé de las Casas

Admitting Gross Historical Injustices

Call it tribalism, but I’ve always cast a skeptical eye on the Dominicans ever since I learned about their role in the Inquisition. Do you have any advice for thinking about historical misdeeds?
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leave formed like a heart

Boundless Graces

One of the fundamental laws of human life and of the spiritual life is that the measure we give to others will be the measure we will receive.
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A Prayer for Offering Forgiveness

When we are wronged, offering forgiveness is not often our natural response. Yet God asks us to forgive not for empty piety, but to help our souls heal. May this prayer aid you in the work of your heart.
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prisoner hands

The Hardest to Forgive

“The people who haven’t earned it, who haven’t even sought it, are the most meaningful recipients of our compassion… “
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7 Things to Know about Suicide

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. This renowned theologian has been speaking and writing about suicide for decades.
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