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The Gift of Confession

Reflect We often think of confession as something we ought to do, maybe even need to do. But what if we began to see going to confession as our way of ministering to the priest? Think of the grace the ...
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Going to Confession

Reflect For many of us, going to confession can be a fearful and anxiety-filled act. We are afraid of making a mistake, afraid of admitting our shame, our failings, and afraid of what the priest will think of us after ...
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Delaware bill would break seal of confession, require priest to report what penitent says 

WILMINGTON, Del. (OSV News) — The Delaware General Assembly is taking aim at a basic tenet of the Catholic Church and wants to break the seal of confession between a priest and penitent. House Bill 74 would do away with ...
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Lenten Reflection: Five Reasons to Go to Confession

Pope Francis has told us not to be afraid or ashamed to go to confession. You will not “encounter a severe judge there, but the immensely merciful Father.”
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Confession Helps in Many Ways

Confession has been a really sore spot for me but, having been raised a Catholic, I do love the Church and all the other sacraments. I am sure there are priests I could go to for confession, but I feel ...
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Father Timothy J. Mockaitis, pastor of Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Salem, Ore., and penitent Ethan K. Alano of Salem demonstrate how a confession is conducted May 3, 2019. The sacrament of reconciliation provides us with opportunities to continue to examine our intentions and conscience, to "come clean" with God so we may move ahead refreshed, abundantly blessed. (CNS photo/Chaz Muth)

Understanding the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Making the Sacrament of Reconciliation a vibrant part of one’s spiritual life—especially if it hasn’t been such in quite a while—basically just requires the decision to begin again.
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