Catholic Saints

Fiery Seraph Wings: A Meditation on St. Francis

La Verna is the holy mountain of the Franciscan tradition. This wild and secluded height was given to Francis and his companions as a place for solitary prayer by a certain Count Orlando who had been inspired by Francis’ preaching ...
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Reflecting on Death with Francis of Assisi

Around the world in October, we Franciscans celebrate the Feast of St. Francis (October 4).
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Meet the Franciscan Saints

The Franciscan tradition is filled with holy men and women, starting, of course, with Francis of Assisi.
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Blessed Stanley Rother

This Oklahoma priest’s September 23 beatification is a testament to his legacy as peacemaker and martyr.
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Saint John Vianney

John Vianney: The Saint Who Could Read Souls

This beloved saint, the patron of parish priests and confessors, has a lot to teach believers the world over.
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Artwork of Jesus surrounded by people

The Martha and Mary Balance

We are called to serve God and neighbor. Scripture guides us to accomplish both.
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