Catholic Saints

Artwork of Jesus surrounded by people

The Martha and Mary Balance

We are called to serve God and neighbor. Scripture guides us to accomplish both.
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Live the Gospel: A Message from St. Francis

St. Francis found the truth that leads to freedom in the truths of the Gospel, and the freedom he found was the freedom to love.
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Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene

Models of Faith: St. Mary Magdalene

Thanks to the Gospels, we know who Jesus’ disciples were.
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St. Bonaventure: A Franciscan Heart

St. Bonaventure may not be as well-known as Sts. Francis and Anthony, but he is an important figure in both Franciscan history and the history of the medieval Church. A Minister General of the Franciscan Order and a Cardinal and ...
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Getting to Know St. Anthony of Padua

A favorite in much of the Catholic world, St. Anthony of Padua has more cities and places named after him than any other saint—68.
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Saint Francis and the cross

Chronology of the Life of St. Francis

The appeal of St. Francis remains undimmed almost eight centuries after his death. In looking at him, people have always been helped to see Christ.
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