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The Bible and Social Media

What does the Bible say about our use of social media? 
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Illustration of the holy Eucharist

Why Closed Communion?

I am in the process of becoming a Catholic but am having difficulty accepting closed Communion.
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Illustration of Pope Francis

Does Pope Francis Believe in Hell?

During a recent interview, Pope Francis raised the possibility that no one is in hell. Really? If so, doesn’t that mean, “Anything goes”?  In his January 20 “Letter from Rome” for La Croix International’s e-newsletter, Robert Mickens wrote that the ...
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Painting of Bartolomé de las Casas

Admitting Gross Historical Injustices

Call it tribalism, but I’ve always cast a skeptical eye on the Dominicans ever since I learned about their role in the Inquisition. Do you have any advice for thinking about historical misdeeds?
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sperm meets the egg

Is Egg Donation Morally Acceptable?

A family member is giving her frozen eggs to women who can’t conceive. If we are to preserve human life in all its forms, shouldn’t these eggs be given a chance to live?
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IVs in a hospital | Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

What If a Pope Becomes Comatose?

When I heard that Pope Francis was undergoing surgery requiring general anesthesia, I wondered who would be in charge of the Church while he was incapacitated.
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