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Faith and Family: The Many Faces of Addiction

If you do any reading on addiction, you will discover that there are many different beliefs on what is or should be considered an addiction versus an addictive behavior.
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Broken and Healed

Faith can so often be invisible, clear as a morning whisper. Sometimes I just want to touch it.
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Amazing Grace

Reflect For many of us who have walked the path of recovery from addiction, the hymn “Amazing Grace” stands as a testament to the power of redemption from brokenness. Most of us recovering addicts hear these words loud and clear: ...
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Dear Reader: Hope after Darkness

Father Michael Joseph (M.J.) Groark, OFM Cap, could have very well been one of the statistics. However, with the help of faith and the Capuchin Franciscans, Father M.J. faced his addiction and eventually found his way to the priesthood.
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Father M.J. Groark: A Friar for Broken People

As the nation battles an opioid crisis, Father M.J. Groark shares his story in hopes of showing others a path to recovery and redemption.
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Facing the Opioid Crisis: A Catholic Response

The country is struggling with an opioid crisis—but its strongest foothold is in the Midwest. Armed with their faith, these individuals are fighting back.
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