Sharing the Word for April 15, 2021

Thursday of the Second Week of Easter

April 15, 2021
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Acts 5:27-33

The apostles are again before the Sanhedrin. Its orders to the apostles are the same: “Stop preaching about Jesus!” The apostles’ response is the same: “We can’t stop preaching about Jesus.” They’re at an impasse, except now the apostles are more direct with the Jewish leaders: “You had him killed.” The sentiments of the Sanhedrin are more direct too. They want to kill the apostles. That seems to be the only way out of the impasse.

Sometimes it’s hard to deal with Jesus. He demands so much from his followers. He allows so little room for maneuvering for his enemies. Yet if Jesus is Lord he has the right to demand whatever he sees fit from friends or enemies.

Does Jesus make demands on me?

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