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Solemnity of All Saints

Nov 1 Saint of the Day
November 1. While many saints have a specific feast day on which we celebrate their lives and work, the vast majority of the saints of heaven do not. Today we celebrate all of those men, women, and children who have gone before us and on whose shoulders we stand in our faith.

Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul

Jun 29 Saint of the Day
June 29. We celebrate two great saints today, Saints Peter and Paul. Saint Peter is often considered the Apostle to the Jews and Saint Paul to the gentiles (based, most probably, on his extensive travels among the gentiles). Together they witnessed to the budding of Christianity, and both laid down their lives for the faith.

Transfiguration of the Lord

Aug 6 Saint of the Day
Whatever happened on Mount Tabor within the hearts of Peter, James and John, we will never know. The experience was more than words can describe. But certainly, the three Apostles had an experience of the glory of Jesus, the Son of God. In the Gospels, this event follows shortly after Jesus’ description of his human suffering, which will come before the glory of the resurrection.

Venerable Matt Talbot

Jun 18 Saint of the Day
June 18. Perhaps no one has done more to address the issue of alcoholism than Venerable Matt Talbot. An active alcoholic himself, he designed a program of support that has helped millions. Many are thankful.

Venerable Pierre Toussaint

May 28 Saint of the Day
May 28. Born in Haiti and brought to New York City as a slave, Venerable Pierre Toussaint lived an exemplary Catholic life both before and after gaining his freedom. Married and then widowed, Pierre continued his charitable works well into his elder years. He originally was buried outside St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, a church to which he was once refused entrance because of his race.

Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

May 31 Saint of the Day
May 31. Today’s feast is both about two women and about two men. The Blessed Virgin Mary goes to visit Elizabeth to assist her in her final days of pregnancy. But as she greets Elizabeth, the babe in Elizabeth’s womb—John the Baptist—leaps for joy at the presence of Jesus in Mary’s womb. Great mysteries of life are at play here.