Catholic Saints
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Saints Louis Martin and Zélie Guérin

Sep 25 Saint of the Day
Frustrated in their attempts to enter religious life, Louis Martin and Zélie Guérin married and had nine children. Their youngest child, who entered a Carmelite convent at 15, became Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, affectionately known as the Little Flower.

Saint Paul VI

Sep 26 Saint of the Day
Pope Saint Paul VI helped prepare for the Second Vatican Council, and was the one to complete it after the death of his predecessor, Pope Saint John XXIII. In 1965, he instituted the Synod of Bishops, and spoke to the United Nations General Assembly during a historic visit to New York City.

Saint Vincent de Paul

Sep 27 Saint of the Day
The experience and needs of the poor turned Saint Vincent de Paul’s heart and energies to a life of care and compassion. A grumpy man by nature—and by his own admission--Vincent became a gentle and loving servant of the oppressed. The Saint Vincent de Paul Society carries on his work in many parishes today.

Saint Wenceslaus

Sep 28 Saint of the Day
More than just a name in a Christmas carol, Wenceslaus managed to rule with a clear vision of what a Christian leader should be. Many opposed him during his reign, and his brother eventually betrayed and killed him, but he continued to hold the faith and is hailed today as an outstanding king in Eastern Europe.

Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

Sep 29 Saint of the Day
Angels appear frequently in Scripture, but only Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are named. Each of these archangels performs a different mission in Scripture: Michael protects; Gabriel announces; Raphael guides.

Saint Jerome

Sep 30 Saint of the Day
Known mostly for his translation of the Scriptures into Latin, Saint Jerome was also an inspiring writer of letters and commentaries. He was said to have had a bad temper, yet he was a man of prayer and penance. A combination of conflicting qualities, Saint Jerome stands out as one of the four great Doctors of the Latin Church.

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

Oct 1 Saint of the Day
Saint Thérèse of Lisieux is perhaps one of the most known and best loved saints in the Catholic calendar. A young Carmelite nun who wanted to go to the missions, she remained within the cloister yet became the patron of the missions.

Feast of the Guardian Angels

Oct 2 Saint of the Day
Angels play an important role in Sacred Scripture as messengers of God. The belief that each person has a guardian angel watching over him or her is an extension of that role, and a reminder of God's never-failing providence.

Saint Theodora Guérin

Oct 3 Saint of the Day
Saint Theodora was born in France but came to Vincennes, Indiana, at the invitation of the bishop. Eventually she established a new foundation of her community in the United States, but only after suffering many hardships.