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What Does ‘Normal’ Look Like?

shoes on a beach belonging to a family


There are no normal families. All families have their eccentricities, their conflicts and their virtues. Some families struggle more than others, but all of them need our prayers.


by your incarnation
you became a brother to me.
You know the joys
of having a family.
You know the strains of family life
as well.
Bless my family today.
Mend what needs healing
and fortify our bond of love. Amen.


When you make this prayer today, think of each member of your family, including those who are living and those who have gone to the Father. Thank God for the blessing of your family, and leave room for mercy in those places that need it.

Clifford Hennings, OFM

2 thoughts on “What Does ‘Normal’ Look Like?”

  1. Lord Jesus Christ, give us a heart that loves what is good and in accord with your will and fill us with your wisdom that we may understand your ways. Give us the grace and the courage to reject whatever is evil and contrary to your will. Amen.

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