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Tiny Stitches

yellow thread


In the lower level of the soaring Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, the tunic of Francis is spread under glass, patched together with yellow stitches of thread. Today, consider how one of the world’s most influential saints lived a life of the spirit, filled with ordinary things.


Thank you for St. Francis showing me the way in
his boundless love of life, embracing simplicity,
and depth of devotion to you.
Thank you for the mesmerizing cathedral
built above his bones, for the frescos,
the bells ringing over and over in the tower.
Thank you also for the gift of his tiny stitches.
for showing us the treasure of the smallest things:
how God is sewn into the fabric of our lives,
keeping us whole.


In honor of St. Francis, look around you right now and consider how the small things you may have overlooked have significance in this world.

Maureen O'Brien

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