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The Hard and Lonely Places

man in the dessert at night with a light.


Often the hard and lonely places frighten us. We avoid them because they look barren and deserted, even frightening. But the prophet Isaiah reminds us that God has placed “water in the desert, rivers in the wasteland…” that even there, we will find drink. God assures us that even there he has placed flowing streams that we might find drink, that we might be refreshed, even made new. Is there some connection between becoming vulnerable, going into the desert, and being nourished by God?  


Heavenly Father,
I fear the loneliness and the hardness of the wastelands and deserts in my life. 
But I trust that your love has placed there a stream of living water 
to quench my thirst and nourish my spirit.
When I feel afraid, give me the courage to stay with you in the desert,
and eyes of faith to recognize even there the stream 
of your ever-flowing love. 


When you think of hard and lonely places, what comes to mind? Is it an actual desert? Or is it your workplace? Or a family gathering? Where is your desert? Make time to go to adoration this week and spend an hour being nourished by God’s living stream.

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