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The Gift Within

child jumping into parent hands.


No one can truly fathom Mary’s plight when she was handpicked to become the instrument of the Incarnation. In her pregnancy, before being wedded to Joseph, she faced social condemnation and even death without Joseph’s support. Each of us, too, is pregnant with a mystery that is to be nurtured within the wombs of our hearts and minds, then eventually shared with the world. Sometimes it might feel baffling or absurd, but might we, too, become instruments for sharing God’s love and goodness with the world?


What will you create within me, my God?
Will you embolden my yes when my fear bolsters a no?
Will you strengthen my ability to surrender to the inner workings
of love, beauty, grace?


When fear washes over you today, consider what it would look like to say yes to the process in the midst of the chaos. What does it look like to trust that God is working within you?

Stephen Copeland

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