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Joseph’s Prophetic Dreams

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The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and she gives her fiat to begin her journey as the Mother of God. An angel also appeared to Joseph in his dreams, which gave him direction and a mission to begin his journey as Jesus’ earthly father. 


God of all creation,
You bless us with the assistance of your angels.
They appear to Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and surrounded the stable where Jesus was born.
You bless us also with prophetic dreams, 
where you give us guidance, comfort, courage, and strength
for the road you’re providing us to walk.
These graces can only come from you.
We thank you, and we praise you.


Before bed, pray for prophetic dreams. It may not happen right away. When you do have a dream, write it down. Pray for God to show you what God wants you to see.

Natalie Ryan

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