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The Gift of St. Epaphroditus

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“I am very well supplied because of what I received from you through Epaphroditus.”—Philippians 4:18

St. Paul was in prison when he wrote his letter to the Christian community of Philippi. These generous and joyful souls had grieved for their evangelizer’s circumstances. They mourned his suffering, so they sent one of their own—Epaphroditus—to bring a gift to Paul to help ease his hardship. This visit from St. Epaphroditus and the gift from the Philippians helped to lift Paul’s spirits and renew his strength during his time of struggle.


Oh Lord,
Help me to be mindful like St. Epaphroditus
and the biblical Christians of Philippi.
When I see one of God’s servants in danger or difficulty,
show me a way to somehow help ease their suffering.


Note in your parish or community someone who might be going through a trial. Ask St. Epaphroditus and St. Paul to pray for that person and for guidance for you to find a way to offer some sort of “gift” to help him/her find comfort and hope—even if it’s simply a warm, encouraging smile.

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