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Receiving the Smile

woman holding a watermelon in front of her face that looks like it is smiling


“The Little Drummer Boy,” composed by Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941, has long been a staple carol during the Christmas season. It strikes a universal chord as we imagine a poor little boy playing the drum for the infant Jesus, the only thing he knew to possibly give. How might we, too, be content with doing our best and laying our efforts down at the Savior’s feet?


“I played my best for him,” goes the drummer’s song.
Lord, help me to trust that my best is enough
even when the inner judge forsakes every effort I make.
I need your grace to stifle the critic’s voice,
your gentle assurance to remind me I’m yours,
your beloved, your son, with whom you are pleased.
Open my eyes to see you smiling at me.


Whenever you hear the voice of the inner critic or judge today, pause and consider the infant Jesus smiling at you. Allow yourself to vividly imagine this scene.

Stephen Copeland

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