Pause + Pray

God Speaks through Dreams

woman laying on her back, dreaming


When he found out that Mary was pregnant, Joseph was uncertain in terms of how to respond. God came to him in a dream, giving the angelic message to marry his fiancée, Mary, and honor the holy child in her womb. God speaks to us in dreams. Listen to your dreams. They may reveal God’s vision for your life. You may receive wisdom for a decision you need to make.


God of every season,
who speaks through dreams and insights,
Help me to listen to your dreams for my life.
Let me retire each night, expecting to receive your wisdom,
And awaken refreshed, remembering what I have learned,
And willing to explore the guidance I receive.
Loving God, help me follow your dreams for my life
That I, like Joseph, might honor your holy child,
And support every child born on this good earth.


Resolve to listen to your dreams. When you awaken, if you remember a dream, write it down and ask God to give you insight into its meaning and follow its guidance prayerfully in the days to come.

Bruce Epperly

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