Minute Meditations

Fierce, Motherly Fervor

mother giving. baby a kiss

One day I suddenly pictured an image. Mary is kissing this baby. But the baby was not the Christ child in my mind—it was my nemesis. In a flash of insight, a light went on and I understood that Mary loves each child of God with fierce, motherly fervor. I prayed in front of this tender painting, picturing myself imitating Mary. I could feel my anger melt away as I imagined kissing the head of my enemy, forgiving all and finally seeing God’s hand in the situation.

God’s love is so powerful. It was a miracle. I could accomplish this only through the grace of God. It was not my doing. Not at all.

—from the book Universal Mother: A Journal for Finding Yourself in Mary
by Holly Schapker and Cecelia Dorger

Universal Mother

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