Pause + Pray

Enter, a Good Samaritan

Young man helping older woman at grocery store


It was too late to swerve when we saw two orange construction cones lying across our exit lane. Hearing the thump under our car, we pulled into a gas station. A tow truck would take hours to arrive. “Can I take a look?” a stranger asked, and pulled the cones out from under the cracked fender. He waited to see if our car was drivable, then waved and headed into the night.


Compassionate God,
Thank you for giving us a capacity to care
and to come to another’s aid. 
Shower blessings on the nameless good Samaritan 
who saved us from waiting hours in the cold for help.
Infuse the hearts of others with the same generous spirit.


Today, be on the lookout for a stranger in need: an elderly man on a bench struggling to tie a shoe, a mother juggling toddlers and bags in the grocery parking lot, a neighbor chasing a dog escaped from the leash. Step in to help, and accept their gratitude with a smile.

Pause+Pray by Elizabeth Bookser Barkley

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