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Prayer to St. Christopher

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Whether St. Christopher existed is unimportant. For many weary travelers, he is a constant companion, providing a measure of prayerful calm. Let’s take a moment to thank this mysterious saint!


God of all saints,
Christopher, patron of travelers,
lived a life shrouded in mystery.
But what is clear is the peace
he brings me on the road, on foot, or in the air.
As he helped the Christ Child cross a mighty river,
may he guide this prayer to you, O God,
who sent us the saints to help us in our journeys.
Thank you, St. Christopher,
for carrying me on your shoulders
when the waters get too high.
Your strength, I know, comes from a loving
God who always wishes for us safe passage.


Going on a trip? Recite this prayer before you leave. St. Christopher, with God’s help, will get you there safely.

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