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Paying Attention to Our Dreams

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With the coming of Epiphany, we are confronted with divine messages coming to us through dreams. The Magi and Joseph both receive warnings in dreams and then follow their guidance, thus ensuring the safety of the infant Jesus. Dreams can contain messages from God or your deepest self, alerting you to areas in which you need to grow or decisions you may need to make. The unconscious can be a source of wisdom and inspiration. Spiritual growth involves listening to your dreams, reflecting on their meaning, and responding prayerfully to their messages.


Loving God,
You come to us in each moment and every encounter.
You come to us in insights and dreams.
We thank you for the wisdom you give us.
Help us to discern the messages we receive
And respond with prayerful wisdom.


Make a commitment to pay attention to your dreams. Like the young Samuel, when you prepare to go to sleep, you may ask, “Speak, God, your servant is listening.” Upon awakening, if you have a meaningful dream, prayerfully record it in your journal, as you ask God to reveal its meaning.

Bruce Epperly

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