Pause + Pray

Our Daily Bread


The words of the Our Father—the Lord’s Prayer—are so familiar to us that sometimes it helps to pause on lines of the prayer and go deeper within them.


The truth is, every single day, I hunger for you anew.
Today, as I speak the words “give us this day our daily bread,”
I want to thank you both for my food,
and for nourishing my spirit.
From morning light to night stars,
meal after meal, you feed me with what I need.
Let me say grace.
Let me weave my hands together in prayer,
bow my head and thank you—
thank you for filling me up,
again and again, with your love.


Take the time to say “Grace” today in thanks for all that God has given you, and done for you. They are abundant—the “thank-yous”—all beautiful.

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