Pause + Pray

Opportunities for Connection

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We so often go about our day without giving a thought to the habits we perform throughout them. We slurp our cup of coffee or tea while driving down the road, we inhale a burger on the go without a thought. Our food is so often a lost opportunity for connection—with ourselves, those around us, and with the divine. 


God who made our bodies to function so well,
created the plants and animals we eat,
and guided those who prepare our food or gather round our table, thank you.
Thank you for the sustenance, the energy, and the opportunity
to slow down and acknowledge your presence.
When we allow life to move too quickly
—even though it’s almost always an unconscious decision—
We are missing out on the sacredness of the present.
In the hurried moments, may we remember to take a deep breath, 
And call to mind that you are in our presence—
Yes, even in line at the grocery,
as we eat lunch while working,
as we recite a prayer from rote memory.
May this conscious interruption of the cycle of busyness enhance our spirits.


If you have to go through a drive-thru or coffee shop this week, take a moment to make eye contact with the server. Commit to sipping an entire cup of coffee or tea in a chair in silence without any distractions one morning.

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