Pause + Pray

No Need to Pretend


The world says, “Put your best foot forward,” but sometimes I care so much about what the world thinks of me that the foot I put forward isn’t really mine—it belongs to someone I’m pretending to be.


Dear God, I want the world to see me as strong, organized,
generous, and brave, 
and sometimes I am none of those things.
You know me inside and out, and I don’t need to pretend with you.
I don’t need to hide the mess when you come to visit.
I don’t need to pretend my life is flawless
or my faith is perfect.
With you I can be my messy, flawed, vulnerable self.
You know everything about me and you love me anyway.
Thank you for reminding me.


Be yourself today—that’s who God made you to be. At the end of the day write down one positive word that describes who and how you are.

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