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The Mirror on the Wall


The deadly sin of pride loves to preen before the mirror of my self-image. It pumps more and more hot air into an already bloated ego. It puffs me up like a Thanksgiving Day parade balloon and pushes me to march in the street shouting what I’ve done. Don’t confuse it with healthy self-esteem and gratitude for God-given talents, gifts, and accomplishments. Pride takes credit for everything and denies God’s grace working in my life. Its antidote is humility—the virtue that keeps my feet on the ground as I ponder the expression, “Who I am before God, that I am, and nothing more.”


Loving Father, your Son offers me the model of humility
in his life of service, surrender, and sacrifice.
Keep me grounded with the awareness that in your sight
I am a sinner and a beggar who is totally dependent upon you
for everything. 
May I live with humble gratitude,
knowing that your grace has accomplished all I have done.


Commit to an action that celebrates God’s grace in your life. This could be an action that builds your sense of humility, such as acknowledging another’s successes instead of flaunting your own.

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