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Mistaken, but Still Loved

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“Some of the most faithful people in our society are the men and women who learn from their mistakes and thus grow in virtue. We all make mistakes and plenty of them; so did the saints. We can take the negative path and beat ourselves up or blame someone else. Or we can take the positive path and ask, ‘What is God teaching me right now?’ When our children mess up, don’t we ask them, ‘What did you learn?’ Mistakes are teachable moments coming from an all-loving God. Are you involved in a special project? Keep it up! Don’t be afraid of making a mistake.”—from Three Minutes with God, by Msgr. Frank Bognanno


God of mercy and compassion,
I’ve been wrong so many times
and have wronged and so many people,
even those I profess to love.
My heart sinks when I consider
The damage I’ve caused,
The unnecessary hurts,
The sins of omission.
But you won’t let me stay in that place
Of darkness and cynicism.
Thank you, Lord, for being so patient
With your student.


Identify one mistake you made today—not to feel bad about yourself, but to remember that God loves us through them. Every mistake, no matter how small, is a door to encountering God the teacher. What door will you walk through today?

Three Minutes with God

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