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Leading to the Light

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What and who we surround ourselves with has an impact on our habits, language, and overall behavior. Am I surrounding myself with people who help lead me to the light? Or do I allow myself to fall into bad habits, easy solutions, and spiritual shortcuts?


My God,
I trust that you put people and places into my life for a reason.
I ask that you place those along my path
who will guide me closer to you.
Provide opportunities for me to carry out your will.
It’s in the hard conversations;
it’s in the smile of the poor;
it’s in the listening and not talking;
it’s in the giving of your last dollar.
These are the sacred steps that lead us closer to the light.


Are your relationships and hobbies God-centered? For those that aren’t, or aren’t as much as you’d like them to be, consider where you can make improvements. Is there a family member or colleague with whom you find it difficult to relate? Spend a few minutes thinking about where you might find some common ground with those you feel distant from.

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