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For My Privilege(s) I Say, ‘Thanks’

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Because of my race, my innate gifts, my appearance, my security, I have experienced unearned happiness and lived to see this day.


Creator of all that is, you knew me before I was even conceived.
I sometimes take credit and pride for any success I have known.
You have expected much of me, your servant.
I have often tried to be worthy of my many blessings.
I humbly stand before you, hoping to be enough.
Help me to use all that I have in your service,
sharing the gifts that are mine
to your honor and glory.


I will lift up a single talent and use it to assist someone whose gifts differ from my own. It may be the gift of physical strength, emotional endurance, or substantial wealth. I will give of what I have.

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1 thought on “For My Privilege(s) I Say, ‘Thanks’”

  1. In the Reflect mentioned above, what do you mean “unearned” happiness? What kind of talk is that? Happiness is the result of being appreciative. You don’t earn appreciation, but rather you either are appreciative or you’re not. And why did you mention the word “race”? What does that have to do with anything? And you want to give thanks for your “privileges”? Are you trying to apologize for something? Why? Are you worried about jealous people and what they think? Is that it? Pitiful.

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