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Following in the Footsteps of Mothers


Today, we celebrate mothers everywhere for their strength, guidance, and grace as pillars in family life. Beyond the greeting cards, bouquets of flowers, and breakfasts in bed, today is a reminder of the power and potential already present in our family relationships. A mother’s sage advice, warm hugs, or proud smiles subtly nudge her child further down the path of goodness and virtue. Mothers—many times unsung heroes—show us how to love and nurture. And whether they consciously realize they’re doing it or not, they teach us how to be Christlike. Today, we thank the mothers in our lives and across the world for their love and presence. What are some lessons you learned from your mother or other mothers in your life?


Nurturing and Maternal God, you have given us so much—
a veritable embarrassment of riches in your creation.
In the light that is life, we see mothers—our own and others—
that color and amplify our reality. May we learn from them
and pay forward the love with which they fill our lives.

When they are imperfect, let that be a reminder that we are too,
and that it’s OK to be.
When they shine as they often do, may we remember
we have the same light in our hearts.
We ask that you bless mothers everywhere—
today, tomorrow, and forever.


Jot down three or four lessons learned from a mother on a piece of paper. Carry the paper with you, and in the coming week try to apply what you learned in your daily life—at home, work, or church. It’s a small but impactful way to honor the quiet work mothers do day in and day out.



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