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Do You Ever Feel Abandoned?


When bad things happen to us we often wonder why God didn’t protect us. In Psalm 80, Israel is asking that same question. God brought Israel out of Egypt, planted it like a vine, but just as she began to thrive everything changed. Every bird of the air and beast of the forest (think of Babylon and Assyria) was plucking her fruit and ravaging the vine. Why? Where is God when we are feeling abandoned?


Dear Lord, like your Son on the cross sometimes I feel abandoned.
And yet I know you are always with me,
as you were with him on the darkest of days.
Grant me the courage to trust you, completely, faithfully, gratefully.
Let my prayer be only this: Thy will be done.


Offer a brief prayer of thanks that God is with us always, especially when we feel abandoned. After praying, think of those who feel abandoned by our society. Take note that your prayer brings you into solidarity with those on the margins.

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