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Division Is Overrated

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Whether through social media or the news cycle, we’re constantly reminded of how little we have in common with each other, how entrenched we are in our views. But consider how many seemingly insignificant positive encounters you’ve had in the past few days. It could be that you held the door open for a stranger at a store, or vice versa. Moments like these won’t make the news, but they are a crucial part of a much larger story: the dream of God for humankind.


God, giver of friendship,
I ask you today to guide me
to a better way of regarding
my fellow brothers and sisters.
By imitating your son as best as I can,
I seek to be the best version of myself,
but not simply for my own edification.
No, you have taught us that in giving
we receive.
May I give myself over to positivity
and a sincere love for those I share life with
in your creation.


There are videos on YouTube of people with differing opinions on hot-button topics who meet face-to-face to find some common ground. Check a few out and see how you feel afterward. If you replace one divisive piece of content with something that is more affirming of the human spirit, consider it as a step to better living out the Gospel.

Daniel Imwalle

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