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When Death Reigned Supreme

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“My 19th birthday was celebrated with a death.”
St. Thérèse of Lisieux

As variations of the COVID-19 continue to resurface now and then, we can consider how St. Thérèse also endured a resurgence of an epidemic. Influenza hit the Carmelite monastery with fierceness, leaving only Thérèse and two other sisters in the monastery healthy—and responsible for the care of the others. Despite one sister after another becoming seriously ill or dying, Thérèse still felt God’s presence: “I felt that God was watching over us.”


St. Thérèse, during dark times in my life—whether a pandemic or other troubles—
pray that I may feel God watching over me.
Pray that I might feel the hope and confidence that all will be well.


Ponder the unexpected distresses caused by COVID-19 during the past several years. Can you look back now and see God in any of it? Did COVID-19 make your life better in any way?

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