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Pause and Pray

Build Bridges, Not Walls

Feb 15, 2021
Build bridges, not walls


As children, we’re told that monsters aren’t real. As we grow in age and wisdom, however, we know that isn’t completely true. Monsters can take many forms. We have to muster the courage to face them.


Dear God,
Violence and bigotry
are monsters dividing our country,

but I will not feed them.
Let me be
a source of light
in my circle
and in the world around me.
Let me continue the holy work
of your servant, St. Francis,
who built bridges, not walls.

He understood what many of us
have forgotten:
Grace is found
in union, not division,
and that peace is our reward.
Let it begin with me.


What can you do to ease the racial and political divide in this country? Start with this prayer and build outward: Look for ways to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

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