Pause + Pray

Brothers and Sisters in Christ


The sad history of injustices committed against Asians in America has long been overlooked. Now is the time to reckon with our past as we look to a brighter future in our nation for all.


Lord, help us do the hard work of looking withinas individuals and as a society
and uprooting the ugliness of racism.
In its place, may we instead foster love and respect among all peoples.
In particular today, we offer up a prayer for the protection of those of Asian descent,
as they struggle against the evils of racism.

May you reveal to those of us from other racial and ethnic groups the beauty
of the varied Asian cultures, traditions, cuisines, and arts.

May we be continually reminded of the inherent value of our Asian brothers and sisters,
and may we remember those who have lost their lives because of violence fueled by racism.



Challenge racism in your daily life through conversations with friends or family members who may harbor resentments toward a particular group of people.



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