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Becoming What We Love


When we peel back the well-deserved honorifics surrounding Clare of Assisi, there is a human being just like us, with faults and hopes and dreams and limitations. Clare left us with much to ponder and look up to, but one of her most powerful insights was, “We become what we love, and who we love shapes who we become.”


Lord, you have ignited the spirits
of so many holy people throughout history,
and our sister Clare was certainly one of the greats.
Through her, we are reminded that our being is fueled by love—
of each other and of you.
That love is integral to our being.
Without it, we are merely thinking animals.
With it, we are people of the Word.
What we love is creation,
spreading the Good News,
and praising your name.
Who we love is you, our neighbors,
strangers, and, yes, our enemies.


Even if you are already familiar with St. Clare’s story, go back and identify a quote from her or an event from her life that sticks out. Consider how it might apply to your life today.

Light of Assisi: The Story of Saint Clare


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