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Becoming Less, Being More

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The difference between our dreams and God’s plans is seen in the story of Joseph of Nazareth. He was a just man and a successful carpenter preparing for marriage, perhaps dreaming of future happiness with his new bride. Suddenly he discovers she is already pregnant. And even as Joseph made plans to divorce his young bride, something happened. At one of the lowest points in his life, God opened Joseph’s eyes to a new dream.


Dear Lord, let me learn from the humility of St. Joseph,
seeking not my own dreams and desires
but always to serve you in every person I meet today.
May my dream for the future become more aligned
with your dream, God.
Guide me to wisely discern
what that beautiful vision of the world 
might look like.


Today, when someone asks for help or for a handout, without hesitating say yes. If you don’t have the opportunity to help someone in person, pick a charitable cause for which you have a passion and make a donation, even if it’s a small one.

Pause and Pray from Franciscan Media


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